Three Reasons To Choose Lite-Lease For Your Next Car

Has a change in your business or circumstance prompted the need for a vehicle? Our service is dedicated to providing the support you need with cost-effective leasing plans from 3-24 months.

We have a solution at Delta Vehicle Contracts that can help you find an alternative solution to long-term leasing options which can last over four years.

Introducing Lite-Lease: the simple and cost-effective way of getting a vehicle.

Our Lite-Lease car rental plan at Delta Vehicle Contracts are perfect for small businesses looking to secure short-term vehicles without the need for lengthy commitments.

This is ideal for new employers on their probation, for visiting staff from overseas and to provide an alternative to company cars if your business has stopped providing them.

But, why? What makes Lite-Lease ideal for your situation?

To help you out, here are three reasons to select Lite-Lease to get yourself a new vehicle:

  1. We can source almost any vehicle: Our team at Delta Vehicle Contracts are asked by individuals and businesses to source a wide range of vehicles. Over our time in the sector we have supplied vehicles from manufacturers such as Range Rover, BMW, Lexus, Audi and much more on Lite-Lease.

  2. Delivery and collection throughout the UK: To make sure the whole process is simplified, we offer delivery and collection across the UK.

  3. No long-term commitments: Lite-Lease is the perfect way to cut out the worry of three, four, five-year payment plans. Choose our solution for short-term leasing that delivers a vehicle suited to your needs and situation.  

If you would like to get started with our team at Delta Vehicle Contracts, speak with us today.

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